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I finished the space dress this weekend! The shape is based on Simplicity pattern #3902, which is actually a kid’s pattern but the girls’ 14 fit me pretty well. The only modifications I made were a slight altering of the neckline (I made it more scoop-like as I don’t really like “sweetheart” necklines) and the addition of side pockets, which are invisible as they’re hidden in the seam. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty darn cool and it was good practice using the sewing machine for a greater variety of functions.

OMG! I bought a bunch of that same fabric with plans to make a sort of full swishy skirt with alternating panels of this and other fabric. (Thinking of making my own batik with some space-themed stencils that I’ve had lying around.) It looks so neat as a dress, too! :D